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First post...

I am tired, exhausted, dead, and not capable of trying to learn about DW now. No, I will not try to crosspost this to LJ; I already posted about Festival of Science on my LJ account - some 10 minutes ago. So, I will simply c/p text here:

We survived one more...

...Festival of Science, I mean. We survivedied one more time. *thud*

Festival of Science, City of Rijeka: 92 events in 5 days (lectures, workshops, presentations, talks etc.)

Festival of Science + regular program for school groups in Astronomy centre of Rijeka: 24 events in 4 days (lectures, presentations, sky-observing), of which 9 were mine. *thud* Friday post-festival evening. I am officially dead.

And some photos in the end...

And no, I don't know how to upload pictures from my computer (if that can be done at all), and I don't mean to upload them on my Photobucket account; I am too tired for that. So, here's the link: pictures can be seen in my LJ post.

*going to bed*